We are a private investment company focused on long-term investments and aquisitions in the natural resources and infrastructure sectors


We invest in a range of mining projects, providing capital for both development and production

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We are active investors in metals and mining, investing in exploration and development projects, producing mines, processing facilities and storage and logistics infrastructure.

  • We invest in underperforming mines, where we partner with management to improve productivity, capital structure and cash-flow generation.
  • We acquire concessions and invest in early stage exploration and development projects.
  • We invest in metals trading, logistics and storage businesses.

Recent Transactions

We founded Hendricks Coal LLC, a coal mining company based in West Virginia, USA, in partnership with Investec Bank, focused on developing and producing premium metallurgical coking coal for domestic and export markets.

The company owns and operates the Glen Alum metallurgical coal-mining complex located in Mingo and Logan Counties, West Virginia and Pike County, Kentucky. Hendricks currently has five operational mines, an operational wash plant with annual capacity of 1.5m tons of clean coal, and a permitted refuse facility. The complex has direct access to the Norfolk Southern Railway through its 100% owned unit load-out facility and is close to major transport links within the State.

Hendricks controls 22m tons of clean recoverable coal, with current annual production of 500,000 clean tons of mid to high volatility metallurgical coal, with a target to increase production to 1,500,000 tons. Hendricks also purchases and processes raw coal from local operators.

Hendricks is seeking to acquire a number of regional coals mines, to leverage its processing infrastructure and management expertise.


We are an active investor in oil
and gas properties, with a focus exploiting proven basins

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We are active investors in the energy sector, investing in upstream oil and gas and mid-stream processing, distribution and storage facilities.

  • We invest in oil and gas exploration with a focus on minimising risk through working with experienced management and then application of advanced science.
  • We acquire and invest in producing oil and gas companies and assets, with a focus on growing production and maximising cash flow.
  • We acquire acreage and concessions in proven oil and gas windows.
  • We invest in refineries, tankers, storage, pipelines and other mid-stream infrastructure.

Recent Transactions

Rift Petroleum - www.riftpetroleum.com

We are a founding shareholder and lead investor in Rift Petroleum, a rapidly growing Africa focused E&P company that is unlocking a major new province for oil exploration.

Rift has a 50% interest in two offshore blocks in South Africa, one of the world's hottest exploration provinces. Rift and its operating partner are currently pursuing an active exploration program on the blocks. Rift is also currently in advanced negotiations to finalise blocks in several countries across Africa.

At Rift, we have one of the most exceptional and technically proficient management teams working in the African E&P space, with several decades of experience working at international oil majors and independents.

Montana Exploration - www.montanaexplorationcorp.com

We are strategic investors in Montana Exploration, a Canada listed junior E&P company with assets in Montana. Montana Exploration has embarked on a multi-well programme that is targeting the extension of the Shaunavon formation from Canada into the US. The Shaunavon formation is a well-proven and highly prospective oil play in Canada having historically produced 360mm barrels of oil. Montana Exploration has a total of 150,000 acres that are prospective for the Shaunavon that it is currently actively drilling with its joint venture partner.

Gasco Energy Inc. - www.gascoenergy.com

In October 2013, we led the restructuring and investment into Gasco Energy Inc, a US public listed oil and gas producer, to develerage the company's balance sheet and provide capital for a high return development programme. Gasco is currently developing large oil and natural gas deposits in the US Rocky Mountain region and exploring oil plays in the San Joaquin basin in California.


We aquire and finance basic infrastructure and transportation services

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We are active investors in infrastructure, basic materials, transportation and real estate.

  • We invest in construction and infrastructure projects, such as ports, railways and roads.
  • We acquire commercial real estate, logistics infrastructure and related mortgages and loans.
  • We purchase physical assets such as ships and oil rigs and platforms.
  • We invest in companies providing basic materials, construction or logistics.

Example Transactions

Some example transactions include:

  • Prior to our successful exit, we were one of the largest investors in senior secured securities issued by one of Southern Africa's largest infrastructure providers.
  • We led a bondholder group, in the acquisition of mortgage securities over a leading UK healthcare business, in advance of a refinancing.
  • We acquired mortgages of various logistics facilities operator by an international retailer.
  • We acquired secured loans in a heavy load shipping business, which we later converted to equity.
  • We have bonds and loans over a number of drilling rigs and production platforms.